Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Our neighbours think we're mad

Among the Incestuous Feline Tribe that is the farm cats behind our house, there is a scraggly eared, moth-eaten tabby who is a truly Evil Cat. He's Top Cat, behind most of the fights, jumpy, edgy and downright mean.

But the other day we found Evil Tabby nose-to-nose with our little Minnie Kitty in the front garden.... and he wasn't attacking her. In fact, he appeared rather bemused by her beauty.

So today, when we get back from work, I notice Evil Tabby sitting shyly on the coal bunker, under the elder tree. "Oooooh!" I exclaimed. "You lo-ove Min-nie! You lo-ove Min-nie!"

Without missing a beat, Husband came up behind me and chanted, "You luuuuuuve her... you luuuuuurve her."

Seconds later, we were standing on our front path, arms still full of work bags and shopping, dancing and singing, "you luuuuve her... you want to kiiiiiiss her...." at this mangy tabby tom. Evil Tabby was frozen on the coal bunker, manky eyes wide in horror, his claws making little panicky squeaking noises on the galvanised steel surface.

But I swear he was blushing underneath.

Our neighbours think we're mad.

They are COMPLETELY right.


Addendum:- Pippi kitty was driving me crazy trying to scratch her way into boxes in my office, so Husband bore her off to the catty play box in our bedroom. Distantly, I heard him talking to her.

"You want the box? You want the box? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE BOX!!!"

"Was that funny, then?" he asked from the landing a moment later.

I'll answer him when I get my breath back.


At 11:14 pm, Anonymous Danica said...


At 9:12 pm, Anonymous Candy said...


That was beautiful.

It's nice to read about people as nutty about cats as I am.

At 12:18 pm, Anonymous kate hardy said...

Anna, that is on a par with the Mary Whitehouse Experience's mad history professors ("that's you, that is")... Hysterical. Have you ever considered writing comedy sketches? (I could see that in "The Sketch Show")

At 1:06 pm, Anonymous Suzanne said...

LOL, Anna! Hey, I bonded with Leslie Wainger about cats when she sat next to me on my flight out of Reno, so cats are good for lots of reasons. :) Leslie has Scottish Fold cats.

At 5:01 am, Blogger Lyn Cash said...

okay, i usually just lurk, but this one and the post about the tea earlier had me in stitches, girl.

(sunny, from the old eharl days)


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