Monday, October 23, 2006

Pictorial Evidence 2


I think my favourite part, though (apart from seeing Duke William charge all over the battlefield, a feat I was shamefully too busy gawping at to take pictures of) was the marketplace. Here all sorts of goods were being sold and made, from weapons to armour, leather belts to purses, wooden chests to chairs, animal pelts and fine and homespun cloths. And they weren't just for show, either. There was a brisk trade between re-enactors that was marvellous to see. I suspect that many of them stock up on all their needs at big 'mega-battles' like these.

Of course, no self-respecting 11th century army marched without its dogs. This one was taking the vast crowds well within its stride, and was very happy to pose for photos. I was too busy drooling over the Irish Wolfhounds to take their pictures, too!

Back in the camp, women were cooking meals, sewing, weaving, spinning... I have to say I found this aspect of the re-enactment really fascinating, and very, very tempting. There is so much about this I'd love. Children barefoot in the mud, arguing about who was going to play the vikings in their games, women tending the fire not as a leisure activity, but from the sure and certain knowledge that if it goes out, it would take a while to relight, and would mean a day without bread, and possibly without meat, too. Cooking this way takes time, and patience, and a good deal of skill. I so want to do this!



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