Sunday, January 23, 2005

A circular walk and a psychological journey

Every wonder why what you ought to do and what you want to do are rarely the same thing? Is it only I who can spend so much time agonising about not doing something I ought to, that I end up not doing anything else either?

Today is a case in point.

Minnie (IlovemycatsIlovemycatsIlovemycats) having started playing hunt-the-nose at 6am, I finally dragged myself out of bed an hour later, fed the cats, threw on some clothes randomly selected from the heaps on the floor, boiled eggs for Husband, re-boiled mine because the timer wasn't working, caught up online etc etc....

So. It's 10.30. I WANT to go back to bed.

But I've had no exercise since Wednesday. The sun in shining, the ground is frosty. I OUGHT to go for a walk. Even a short walk, I reason.

I go to bed.

I lie in bed, watching the sun shimmer on the old walls through the gap in the curtain. I argue with myself. Repeatedly.

Ten minutes later I get up, bribing myself with taking the digicam and therefore potentially having a chance to take some nice frosty pics. I put on another random selection of slightly more robust clothes. I go out.

Just walk down into the village I reason with myself. Just stretch your legs and get some fresh air

Some three miles and an hour and a half later, having trogged over fields, bridges, up hill and down dale, through woodland and down centuries old sunken lanes, I finally return home.

What?! What happened???

One minute I'm thinking a walk is the worse punishment I could inflict on myself, the next I'm striding out, metaphorically singing about the knapsack on my back.



At 3:23 pm, Blogger Sela Carsen said...

Fal de riiiii, fal de raaaaa. Good for you. Now, how about doing something I ought to do. Like cleaning the kitchen.


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