Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Cats and the Chaos

Since the two main concerns of my world seem to be the new kitties and the pre-Christmas Chaos, I thought I'd treat you to a study of both.

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Chrissy and Cleo are settling in nicely - I interrupted Chrissy sidling up to Pippi yesterday. Methinks a hero-worship is beginning. This picture shows how gorgeous Chrissy is, and how impossible it is to see Cleo (aka Invisicat).

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Somewhere in that lot are the seeds of Christmas. I shall wave my hands over the disorder and create beauty, like a particularly interior-design-minded sorceress.


At 12:50 pm, Blogger Julie said...

Lovely lovely lovely kitties.

And I like seeing a photo of your house...brings back fond memories.

At 4:11 pm, Blogger Biddy said...

Inspired by your post my Christmas decorations have gone up. There aren't many but they all have memories ;-)

At 12:45 am, Blogger Sela Carsen said...

The kitties are lovely and so's the house. Post pictures when all the decorations are up! I love when other people post pictures since I can't quite get the knack for it myself.

At 3:20 pm, Anonymous Sadhbh said...

Lovely kitties

What disorder?
If that's your definition of disorder, I own a different dictionary;-)


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