Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Moi? Organised? It can't be!

I came into the New Year knowing I had to finish revising Dangerous Lies. This was the MS that received that blinding NWS report, and the one I wrote the revision plan for in November.

So I dug out the MS, cleared my computer desk, cracked my knuckles, reached for the plan.... and couldn't find it. Panic! Was it lost in the Grand Pre-Christmas Tidy? Had I thrown it away when getting rid of the rubbish in my work files?

I struggled to remember what notebook or scrap of paper I'd scrawled the plan on in that pizza restaurant that night. What had I done with it?

I finally found it when Michelle Styles suggested I investigate "one of the boxes" in the boot of my car. She knows me so well. The boot of my car is this universal dump and store for almost any piece of paper, important or otherwise, in my life. Of course, I'd already looked in the car, but the reason I hadn't found the plan was I was looking for a scrappy piece of handwritten paper. I found the Revisions Plan typed up and double-spaced on crease-free A4 copier paper, and put in a clear file with the NWS report.

I clearly don't give myself enough credit.

Dangerous Lies, aka Danglies.

It was just a holiday romance. Marianne Forster, deciding it was high time she had a romantic life, love life, any life, was just spending time with a gorgeous man in the hot sun. It wasn’t anything more than that, until she was kidnapped at the airport on the way home.

Alan Waring was happy to pretend he was just enjoying a vacation, just spending time with a beautiful young woman. He was happy to forget his secret alter ego, just for a few days. But then the world intruded and he had to make a decision that would inadvertently put Marianne in danger. And send him halfway across North Africa to rescue her.

I do so love this story. Let's hope I can do it justice in the revising of it.


At 5:36 pm, Blogger Dee said...

I admit to a certain level of shock here, lol, but prolly not as much as yours. :) But then, I've seen you color code your story arcs, lol, so I know there beats the heart of an OCDer in you, lol. Mostly, just glad you found it!

BTW, love the blurb!



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