Saturday, December 31, 2005

Out with the Old, in with the New.

As someone who leans towards the emotional, anxious, thinks-too-much character type, the introspection of New Year's eve can be a tricky time. The perennial resolutions of lose weight, get published and get pregnant weigh heavily (A-ha. Ha. Ha.) on the mind, a kind of leaden Holy Grail.

Those three black and midnight hags notwithstanding, there's been a lot of great stuff in 2005. Starting my Masters degree, good times with friends, with family. Achievements at work and in writing, that blinding New Writers' Scheme report. It's been a rich year.

I've never been a great resolution maker, but to ring the changes and take 2006 by the scrotum, I've decided to make Frivolous resolutions this New Year.


1) I resolve that in 2006 chocolate eating shall be a transcendental experience, not simply a desperate search for sustenance and seratonin. Chocolate will be savoured, gloried in, and celebrated. I resolve to eat more high-quality confectionary, and less junk chocolate. Dark chocolate, cherries and kirsch may well feature strongly in the enacting of this resolution.

2) Next Year I shall wear Red Shoes as often as possible. Since I have today bought two pairs of red shoes, and my sister in law gave me a very grown-up and very gorgeous red hand-bag for Christmas, I think this one's going to be a doddle.

3) I shall have much more sex in 2006 than I had in 2005. Since I am by nature and choice both faithful AND frivolous, all this fabulous sex will be with Husband. How virtuous is that? I'm going to have it slow, fast, easy and hard, long and langurous, down and dirty, and as often as possible. I also resolve to laugh during sex much more. If only to watch Husband go crosseyed.

4) There will be at least one bath-and-book-and-glass-of-wine event a month in 2006. In celebration of the new bath installation, this resolution may well combine with 3) on occasion. Let the good times roll.

5) I will walk barefoot in the rain at least once in 2006, and will make time to swim in the River Derwent in warm weather. I deserve it.

Come to think of it, these resolutions are actually serious stuff, don't you think? Sex and chocolate are not to be taken lightly, for example...

What are your Frivolous Resolutions?


At 6:11 pm, Anonymous Kate H said...

Anna, when you left that note on my blog, I thought: yeah, I'll pop in and make a frivolous resolution - only to find you'd already made it. Top of the list, in fact!!! So I'll join you in the chocolate one. I will eat good quality chocolate only (but I'll let you have the kirsch and cherries, vbg. I'll snaffle the almond one. Or the latte chocolates from Hotel Chocolat).

If I can be greedy and have two, the second one is to finish my Radley collection. Got the organiser, the coin purse, the credit card holder, the keyring and the mobile phone holder. (All in PINK.) Lemme see - that leaves the umbrella and the make-up mirror... (Hellooo, House of Fraser. Here I come with my Christmas money...)

May 2006 make your dreams come true, Anna. And may it be a really scorchingly good year.

At 6:20 pm, Anonymous Kaitlin said...

OOOOOOHHHHHH! Frivolity, huh? Hmm....let me think about that for a minute. Well, if I had a sexy significant other, the sex one would definitely be on the top of my list. Since he's not around, I'd have to say eating chocolate just because I can and reading as many GOOD books as I can.

Happy New Year!!!! :)

At 7:04 pm, Blogger Rae said...


I agree with the chocolate one and the walks in the rain in my bare feet. I also vow to attempt the more sex thing with the fiancee. Hopefully all the female troubles are by the wayside.

Who knows, perhaps I can keep these resolutions since they're frivilous and not ones like, I'm going to quit smoking, which I can never keep. :(

At 7:17 pm, Anonymous Sadhbh said...

Anna - what's frivolous about those resolutions?
They sound like resolutions we should all make and keep
Anyone who wants to give up smoking I wish you perseverance and determination. I have full faith in your abilities to do this, but it has to be when YOU decide. No one else does the smoking for you, no one else can decide for you
WTG on more good quality chocolate, all the good quality loving we can fit in our lives (sex and/or other), all the good quality laughing we can fit in our lives and making time for pampering (ourselves and our loved ones in that order)

Happy New Year all


At 9:02 pm, Blogger Anna Lucia said...

LOL! I seem to have struck a chord, here...

Happy New Year to you all!

At 10:03 pm, Blogger Shannon Stacey said...

1) I resolve that I will throw away that unopened can of decaffeinated coffee that I bought with the ridiculous notion of cutting back on caffeine. *snort* Drinking decaffeinated coffee would be...pointless, right? Like drinking diet, decaf soda?

2) I resolve that I will write ten pages for every game of spider solitaire I play. If I'd done that in 2005 I would quite possibly have written the equivalent of The Stand ten times over.

3) I resolve to find a more attractive use for my treadmill than as a coatrack. Perhaps as a plant stand?

1 and 3 I have at least a small chance of keeping. *g*

Happy New Year, Anna!

At 11:26 pm, Blogger Ann Wesley Hardin said...

I resolve to spend as much money as possible at this orgasmic little clothing boutique I discovered this year. I've never been as turned on by clothing until I found this consistently luscious shop. Besides, they make me look younger and a new wardrobe is still cheaper than plastic surgery.

I also resolve to flirt more. With everyone - young, old, fat, skinny, pretty, ugly, rich or poor. Nothing lifts my spirits more!

Happy New Year to everyone!

At 2:15 am, Blogger Tori Scott said...

The number one frivolous thing I resolve to do this year is spend at least 6 hours a week, relaxing in the tub with a good book and bubble bath.

At 2:17 am, Blogger Julie said...

Hey. I LIKE diet decaf soda.

I'm with Ann. I want to flirt more.

Mostly, though, I'm thinking about bondage fantasies.

Happy new year!

At 3:52 am, Anonymous Wax said...

Fine time to catch me with two glasses of wine in the driver's seat. But since shallow, vapid frivolity are key attributes in my profession, I should be able to do this, right?


1) This year, I shall stop swearing at my cat.

2) This year, I shall kill fewer Stormtroopers and more villains.

3) This year, I shall learn to spell villians.

Hey! I just noticed it's 'Ian' at the end. So you may now tell him he's been key to much frivolity this year.

I'm for flirting with the guy in the next room--who's providentially wearing a hockey jersey--then sleeping off this wine.

You're due for a few wishes, love. Make us believe, will you?

Happy New Year--

At 8:56 am, Blogger Anna Lucia said...

Way to make a girl grin on a bleary-eyed 1st Jan, dudes... ;-)

I heartily second the flirting resolutions. I'm surprisingly quite good at that, in a witty-rejoinder kind of way. I've intrigued more than my fair share of unsuspecting men with my smart mouth.

GET your minds out of the gutter... shame on you.


Shannon, Shannon... *shakes head* I, too, like diet, decaff soda. But only because the caffeine turns me into the EVIL BITCH FROM HELL!!!!!!!! *cough* You could turn your treadmill into a conveyor belt for a gameshow?

Ah, long, bubbly, soaking baths.... we ever get a tour of olympus, or any other abode of the gods, I tell you, there are going to be huge, indulgent bath tubs every where. Trust me on this.

Ah, Wax. Ian has ALWAYS been the root of much frivolity. Except I though the correct spelling of villain was the one WITHOUT the ian in it?

Thanks for popping by, folks. Loved your take on the frivolous resolutions. More, more!

At 7:07 pm, Anonymous Wax said...

SUI (Spelling under the influence) is a very dangerous, silly thing to do.

Only now I never will be able to spell [THAT WORD] because I'll just be confused.

At 8:14 pm, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

I'm going to stick to the expensive French dark chocolate. My weight will thank it because I can't afford much of that.

I think I need a few pair of shoes.

I'm going to finish that slashy LOTR/King Arthur crossover novelette. No, don't ask. :-)

At 3:45 am, Anonymous mary beth said...

I love your resolutions! I resolve to wear pretty shoes to work every day, even casual Friday.
I resolve to develop my own fashion sense this year. For the last three years, my clothes have been from friends. They look great on them. They look okay on me. But they're not me.
And I'm definitely borrowing your chocolate resolution. Yum! And the dark stuff is good for you.

At 2:26 pm, Blogger Beth Ciotta said...

Awesome. I don't have one of my own. I want to adopt yours. ;) Happy New Year, Anna!


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