Thursday, February 09, 2006

Under Pressure

I refuse to apologise to those of you who now have the "dum dum dum didi dum-dum" base line living in their head. So there.

Work is now the place where a variety of people keep coming to our team and saying, "we know you don't have enough time/funding/staff to do the work that already needs doing, but this contract/funding stream/staff post is coming to an end so we need to work out a way to cover this work, too."

And they're good, hard-working, dedicated, pressured people, too, so I don't get to reply, "you know what? Why don't you go screw/kill/bite yourself."

Husband advocates listening to The Prodigy CDs very, very loud on the way home. I'm leaning more towards the wine-and-chocolate-and-swearing approach.

On the plus side (because there's always a plus side) I have visitors next weekend and I'm really looking forward to a long weekend and a lot of fun.

And I am Absolutely Determined to do No dayjob work or MA work this weekend. Roll oooooooon Friday.


At 8:49 pm, Blogger Kate Allan said...

Yes, ring-fence your weekend as being 100% dedicated to having some fun with your visitors. You need to make sure you take real breaks. :)

At 9:01 pm, Blogger Kate Walker said...

So how did you know just waht was on my CD player right at this moment??

Have a wonderful weekend - enjoy every minute of it, have fun and relax - and that's an order

At 11:59 pm, Blogger NotQuiteHere said...

I'll forgo the wine and chocolate but will join you in the swearing a lot!

I hope you have a good weekend, unfortunalty my university are doing the 'drop lots of assingments on us all at the same time' method of teaching at the moment... erm, what weekend?

At 2:21 am, Blogger Cyn said...

I totally dig the wine-and-chocolate-and-swearing approach. It sounds like one for me to adopt. Enjoy your weekend, Anna!

Hugs, Cyndi


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