Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Three things about Summer that you forget when it's Winter:-

1) How awful it is to be in work when the sun's shining and it's warm
2) The terrible irony of trying to lose weight for shorts or swimsuit when there's ice cream EVERYWHERE.
3) Bug Splat.

Three things about Winter that you forget when it's Summer:-

1) That the car is like a fridge for the first five miles.
2) The layers of dust a blazing open fire generates.
3) The mud.


At 5:04 pm, Anonymous Sharon J said...

Well I for one don't forget the horrible bits about winter during summer. In fact, I probably waste half of the summer dreading winter because I know all those horrid things are going to come back. Ok, so it's not much fun being stuck in an office when the sun's shining outside, but right now I'm looking out of the window at the trees gently swaying the breeze, the birds hopping around looking for food, and thinking that when I've finished this, I'm going to grab my other half and head for the beer garden down by the canal. Can't do that in winter :)


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