Monday, January 08, 2007

Five Crazy Things About Me

Beth tagged me with this one, but it's haaaaaaaaard! *whine*

But because I'm always up for a challenge, I thought I'd make all mine tree-related. Because.

1. I once had a panic attack in a tree. I was rescued by a rather gorgeous chainsaw instructor. Did I say rather? I meant, "very".

2. I once lay in a tent huddled together with two other girls, listening to an elephant eat a tree not twenty feet from where we were camping.

3. I have eaten my lunch seated among the roots of a 3,000 year old yew tree. It graciously sheltered me from the wind and rain.

4. My Dad brought me fossilised tree remains back from the Sahara desert.

5. I was once hit on the head by a falling birch tree. Even better, I had PULLED OVER the birch tree that hit me on the head. Although it was a sizeable little tree, it was rotten through, so was light as a feather. Unfortunately for the aforementioned gorgeous chainsaw instructor, who leaped up the bank in a single (and very heroic) bound, this was not apparent until AFTER it hit me on the head. I think he aged that day. But he was still gorgeous.


At 2:33 pm, Blogger Beth Ciotta said...

Seriously? That was hard? Because it read awesome! :)


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