Monday, March 28, 2005

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah. I write out of sequence.

I KNOW I write out of sequence. Trying to write in a straight line gives me indigestion. And gas.

Which is one of the reasons, I think, why I find revisions and rewrites so difficult. The shape of the thing is laid out, so, logically, when filling in gaps or rewriting sections you tend to try and write in the straight line that's prescribed.

belch Oooh, sorry. *pats stomach*

This morning, after switching off the mental circuits marked Agonising, Angsting and Second guessing I found myself scrabbling on the keyboard to get segments of about six different scenes down on the page. Bits from the middle of scenes, from the end, from the beginning. And suddenly I got to that place where your fingers can't move fast enough to keep up with the words, and I'm busily writing those six scenes from the middle and out, from the end to the beginning, back to front and inside out, and filling in the gaps and sewing it all together.

Oh, looky here. Out of sequence.

Oh, yeah.


Less than an hour later - 1,100 words.

Please, someone remind me on a regular basis that I write out of sequence? Thank you.


At 1:57 pm, Blogger Jaci Burton said...

You write out of sequence, Anna *g*

And Yes! You're writing! Woo hooo and ^5's, babe!


At 4:14 pm, Blogger Melani Blazer said...

:) out of sequence is good.

You know there's no wrong way to do it, so just DO IT! ;)

~Mel, who's currently writing in and out of sequence!


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