Sunday, April 10, 2005

Birthday Bitch

Ten essential things to create the perfect birthday.

1) Tea in bed. (Well, in a cup, but served to you while YOU are in bed...)

2) Husband taking less than 50 minutes to call you Birthday Bitch for the first time. I get warm feelings from the wonderful, inventive insults Husband dishes out. I am NOT being sarcastic. I actually do.

3) Chocolate

4) Wine

5) Cream cakes for breakfast, and knowing your brand-new bread machine is on its way. Let the good doughs roll.

6) A cat to play with the wrapping paper.

7) Music. This year's selection is from Biddy's Big Country radio show and features.... The Kenny.

8) Jewelry from Pilgrim

9) A pashmina which appears to have been made from the shaded golden-greens of an ancient forest, spun into silk and draped like a benediction over your reverent shoulders.

10) A romance book that actually makes your heart race and brings tears to your eyes. This year brought to you by Bronwyn Jameson's "A Tempting Engagement" from Desire. One of those books that provokes equal parts starry eyed joy in the writing and head-beating frustration that you're so far off that high pinnacle yourself.


At 12:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Anna. I'm chuffed you chose my book as your b'day read! Funny coincidence: my UK author copies of A Tempting Engagement arrived this week and I was immediately taken with the cover. So, today I'm reading the other half of the duo--Laura Wright's Redwolf's Woman (and thinking now that the cover looks like my heroine with Laura's hero.) Anyway, wow we've both had that same book in our hands today. Wow on your comment. And wow on the pashmina, which sounds completely stunning.
Bronwyn J

At 12:37 pm, Blogger Anna Lucia said...

Thanks for posting, Bronwyn!

It's funny, when I looked at the cover (as usual, after I finished the book!) I thought Oooh, that's Emily! then I thought, But that is NOT Mitch...


But how lovely we've had the same book in our hands today... all those time zones apart. And you're right - the pashmina is completely stunning.

At 2:26 pm, Blogger Julie said...

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

May you feel every day the happiness of being loved.

At 2:50 pm, Blogger Melani Blazer said...

Happy Birthday hugs, happiness and of course, may your chocolate duplicate itself tenfold, but the calories it holds disappear... :)

Miss you, hon!

At 3:09 pm, Anonymous Kathy said...

Happy Birthday, Anna!
I hope all your birthday wishes come true. And all your non-birthday wishes too!

At 3:26 pm, Blogger ma said...

Happy Birthday, Anna! It's sounds like a wonderful day.

At 3:31 pm, Blogger Michelle Styles said...

Happy Birthday Anna -- your birthday sounds perfect.

At 4:00 pm, Blogger Jaye said...

Happy Birthday, Anna! May the weeks and months to follow bring more joy, love and contentment. :-)

At 4:26 pm, Blogger Nell Dixon said...

Happy birthday Anna. May this year bring you everything you would wish for yourself.

At 11:51 pm, Blogger Sela Carsen said...

Sorry I'm late to the blog, sweets, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

At 2:33 am, Blogger Heather Rae said...

Happy Birthday, Babe! Sounds like a glorious time!

At 2:49 pm, Anonymous Shannon said...

I'm a wee bit late, so I'll compensate by shouting--


*g* I am so dying of envy over the pashmina. But, really, if I got Kenny Chesney at the same time, I'd ruin it with drool anyway. ;)

At 1:38 pm, Blogger Trace said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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