Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Evil Bean

Why do I never learn? I shouldn't drink coffee.

But we have a guest, and it seems a good idea to put coffee on after dinner.

No Anna. Just... No.

I'm still hyper at midnight. Husband announces he's turning his lamp off (mine's not working at the moment) and I put down one of Suzanne's books and lie there in the darkness, figdetting.

I'm writing three books in my head simultaneously. The Frenchman one, the one with the twenty-year old who's been married three times and the one with the research librarian and the cop.

That one's new. I never write cops. Too much research. *baleful look*

Eventually, in the dark watches of the night, I fall asleep, heart still beating unnaturally fast.

In the morning, I'm convinced the Puke Beast of Fouliss 26 has made its intergalactic home in my mouth. Half an hour of wookie impressions and guzzling a litre of water might might get me back to normal.

God Save me from the Evil Bean.


At 11:10 am, Blogger Biddy said...

Back away from the Evil Bean!!!

At 11:45 am, Anonymous Suzanne said...

But coffee is a good thing!!!!

At 3:58 pm, Blogger Anna Lucia said...

No, no! Biddy is right, I must back away from the Evil Bean!

At 1:10 pm, Blogger Sela Carsen said...

But look at all the ideas it gave you -- fueling your creativity. At least it's not absinthe!

At 10:39 pm, Blogger Jaye said...

"Puke Beast of Fouliss 26 has made its intergalactic home in my mouth"

LMAO! Oh, the sheer imagery of that phrase. :-P


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