Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Things Not To Do

You know what I need to do right now?

Let’s start with what I don’t need to do.

I don’t need to start spread sheeting the expenses evidence for the tax enquiry
I don’t need to watch Alien versus Predator for the third time, The Incredibles for the fifth time or the Princess Bride for the sixth time (I know, I know, I was a late comer to the PB – I’m trying to catch up)
I don’t need to take the elastic out of that skirt, hem those two t-shirts, and Lord, do I NOT need to iron that linen skirt
I don’t need to write that one page synopsis for Run Among Thorns (Okay, so I do, but that is beyond tedious)
I don’t need to call the plasterer for the second time
I don’t need to call the plumber for the third time
I don’t need to dust the furniture, plump up the sofa cushions, tidy up the computer room, wash cat blankets or mop floors
I don’t need to read a seventh Betty Neels in four days
I don’t need to bake scones, make pasta, cook a curry or defrost the freezer
I don’t need to force-feed our annorexic hunter-cat (don’t worry, I’m exaggerating – she just forgets to eat when the world is so full of shrews to kill)
I don’t need to mount an archaeological exploration into the strata of magazines under the coffee table
I don’t need to edit the company magazine, report on my last three months’ activity or file my last six months’ activity
I don’t need to stress, guilt, obsess or panic
I don’t need another Diet Coke

So what do I need to do?

I need to write.

Ah well. Sometime soon. Maybe.


At 1:38 pm, Blogger MaryF said...

HAHAHA - especially on the Diet Coke - I'm resisting the urge myself.

I do NOT need to go find that dumb online game I was playing last night.

At 4:16 pm, Blogger Melissa Marsh said...

Let's see...I do NOT need to eat that yummy Crunchie bar that is sitting on my desk. We just had a new guy start in our department and he's from England. I told him that I ADORED the chocolate from England when I visited there in '95. He very generously gave me a sample of an orange Kit Kat (which I liked) and also the Crunchie bar, which I shall eat after lunch!

At 8:20 pm, Blogger Anna Lucia said...

Mmmmmm oraaaange kiiitkaaaaaaaat......

I gave in on the Diet Coke, but I'm standing firm on the rest!

No writing, though. *sigh* Letters instead.

At 10:14 pm, Anonymous Danica said...

Well, if you don't need to do those things at your house, you could always come and do them at mine. And hey, I'd get to see you again!

At 10:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yummmm. Chocolate. And why again are we supposed to resist chocolate?

LOL Anna on your list. Hmmm. I would probably have to add - cruising around the net - especially since I'm supposed to be clearing my desk so I can book it for 2 weeks.

But the net calls to me.

Lori :)


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