Wednesday, January 11, 2006

That was the week that...

... flew by without my noticing. Okay, so it's only Wednesday, but HOW did it get to be WEDNESDAY without my noticing?

The last few days flew by in a blur of essay writing (3,000 words on 'Will the Green Paper Youth Matters lead to radical and significant change in the practice and structure of youth work agencies?'), work and driving across the Pennines in gale force winds.

When I left Durham on Tuesday night, I was only mildly weary after three days of working/essay writing from dusk till dawn. Two hours' driving later I was so tired I was shaky with it. Sheesh.

I'm contrary and odd enough, though, that I enjoyed it, too. I like driving challenges.

So today I need to get some shopping, do some work, and stay awake.

I might manage the first one of those...


At 12:33 am, Blogger Emma Wayne Porter said...

Oh, come on. Staying awake is highly over rated :)

Does this mean I get to lecture you for a change?

At 8:26 am, Blogger Anna Lucia said...

Yes, yes it does. Bring it on, because I'm now wishing I slept for the last seven days, instead of doing any work at all....

*whine* I'm tired!

At 4:04 pm, Blogger Dee said...

Laying like a lump DOES have it's benefits, but one not one of them is knowing you got everything done first, lol. Get a rest in, hon. You know we like you healthy. :)

Big smooch!


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