Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Green Things

A truly beautiful day today. Driving through woodlands, past lakes and over mountain passes.

Everything's bursting into leaf, now. The oaks with a fine mist of yellow-green foliage, the birches shivering, shaking their catkins off to make room for their summer clothes.

The beeches were the most spectacular, tall and silvery, like haughty, smooth-skinned models displaying lime-green feather boas on slim, poised arms...

Topping Dunmail Raise and dropping down into the valley beyond, the road dips into the woods on the shores of Thirlmere. Here everything was so intensely green I thought it must be a trick of my sunglasses, and took them off, only to discover that the lenses were masking the true depth of colour... The leaves of the beech and oak, backlit by afternoon sunshine, were the brightest green I've ever seen, almost luminous.

Then it was back home and time for another BBQ - seared salmon and asparagus with herb butter.... Mmmmmmmmm


At 5:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anna - you are balm for the soul.



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