Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Lucias...

... more exposure, more, well, publishing, actually.

This is my Dad. Although it doesn't say it, I actually wrote that biography, so I guess technically Dad's not the only published author in the family.

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This week Dad heads out to the Pyrenees (sharp, high, snowy mountains) again to do a further revision of one of his walking guides. He's doing walks in stages, and mostly by himself (alone in sharp, high, snowy mountains, like these).

Oh, and he's 70 this month.

I'm ninety per cent immensely proud, and ten per cent nervous. Take care, Dad!


At 12:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! What an awesome dad.


At 8:57 pm, Blogger Sadhbh said...

Hi Anna
Our best friend used to hike the GR10, but unfortunately he died unexpectedly of cancer before he could finish it. Another friend has a campsite in Ariege not far from the GR10 (mentioned in English camping guides). It was surprising to see the GR mentioned on your blog -I've hiked some other GRs but the 10 is a bit beyond my vertigo possibilities



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