Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rose Madder

I'm currently up to my ears in paint (colour:- buttermilk), rather than trying to be witty on here, or, worse, sharing my neurotic kitchen-related-worries, I thought I'd keep the roses coming.

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If we get anything approaching sunshine, I may even take some pictures of the roses in MY garden. The bright orange exuberant greeting of Warm Welcome by the door, or the shy, retiring smiles of Maiden's Blush in the corner by the arbour.... There's a story behind both of them: I don't own plants, I have relationships with them.


At 11:56 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rose Madder - an excellent read from Stephen King that deals with the effects of domestic violence with a twist involving greek mythology. And did you know that madder is a perrenial scrambling or climbing herb? Ah the joys of Wikipedia at lunchtime!!!

Love BearXXX


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