Saturday, July 29, 2006

God Bless Anger

Well, I wasn't wrong. Cheerful cut in later Friday afternoon, and hasn't yet gone bye-bye.

I'm having a rather serene Saturday morning - I had my first glass of water and my banana sitting in the arbour seat in the front garden, surrounded by flowering passion flower and honeysuckle. I watched the great buzzing bumbles, and the clouds of hoverflies hunting aphids and drinking nectar from the aquilegias and flat yellow fennel flowers.

Pippi joined me, very happy to sit beside me on the cushion while I combed the hair on her chest with my fingers. Minnie was hunting flies in the neighbour's garden while Cleo and Chrissy sat inside on the windowsill and looked out with envious eyes. Poor dears, we haven't got them 'done' yet, so they're not allowed outside into the world of hungry-eyed, swaggering, stalking toms.

Now I'm at my desk, catching up online, eating a distressingly non-descript oat bar and fantasising about french bread and brie.

The weight's still coming off, though. So for now the brie will remain fantasy and the oats reality.



At 8:45 pm, Anonymous Michelle said...

Way to go on the weight coming off. Hang in there! And thanks so much for sending your good wishes over on my blog. It really meant a lot to me.

At 8:38 am, Blogger Jessica Raymond said...

Sounds like a lovely place to have breakfast :)


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