Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Right Decision (for me, for now)

The conference was a fabulous few days - great opportunity to be exclusively in the company of writers, learn together, talk together and spend time with friends. I learned that historical writers need to strive for a sense of authenticity, rather than impossible accuracy, that writers need to plan their marketing well, and that drama techniques can really help give depth to characters' emotions and sensations.

I also learned a lot about techniques for re-starting stalled writing, that I have a very nice walk, and that I am capable of tickling people I don't know all that well with a feather...

Apart from all that, the conference gave me a chance to canvas opinions about an opportunity.

On Friday, literally minutes before we left for the conference, I received an e-mail wtih an offer of publication from a reputable e-publisher, for my first MS.

On Tuesday, I turned it down.

To say the offer was a shock was an understatement. The request had come back in June 2004 when I'd entered the first chapter in the Romance Junkies Writing Contest. I'd sent the full later that year, resent it when it turned up missing (so to speak) in March 2005. It was passed on to another editor, and then silence. Over two years after that first request, I had an offer, completely out of the blue.

I spent the conference listening to advice from people I respect, and making my mind up. For now I'm staying on the course I've set myself, and that course doesn't included e-publishing. That's not to say it might not in the future, or it might not with another book. But this book, this time, no.

But, oh, it feels good. Not the turning down, exactly - I always hate not being obliging - but the knowledge that my faith in that story is justified, and that I was this close.

Now it's up to me to get my arse in gear, get my finger out and be bold, fearless and dedicated in pursuit of the goals I've re-committed myself to.


At 4:29 am, Blogger Anne McAllister said...

congratulations, Anna, on the offer you received. I'm sure you considered it wisely and made a good decision for you -- and your story! Hang in there!

At 6:07 am, Blogger Kate Walker said...

Good for you sweetheart - in every possible way for everything you've thought out and decided - and said here. You weren't 'this close' - you were *there* if that had been the route you wanted to take. It takes courage to declare that was not the *there* you wanted to be.

Whatever the next stage of the 'right decision' journey - you have a stern mentor ;-) right with you



At 6:31 am, Blogger Loreth Anne White said...

Congratulations, Anna. On several counts.

At 1:44 pm, Blogger Jessica Raymond said...

Good for you, Anna -- a very admirable decision to have made. Glad you had a good time at the conference. I am looking forward to seeing the gallery of body parts, LOL! Jess x

At 5:37 pm, Blogger Nell Dixon said...

I'm so glad you've reached the decision that feels right for you. Big hugs, I know how hard that decision was.
Onwards and upwards!!!

At 5:01 am, Blogger Michelle Styles said...

It is good that you decided what was right for you.

I am v proud of you.

At 11:21 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definately made the right decision. If you have the confidence in your work and the desire to succeed, why compromise? It will be so worth it in the end. Can I ask a question? When someone tells you that "your narrative is trying a little too hard" what do they mean and how can I change it??

Love Bear

At 2:45 pm, Blogger Jaci Burton said...

Sometimes it's more difficult to say no than it is to scream yes!

But only you know the right path for you, and it's worth taking the correct route.

Not easy...but worth it.

Hugs and xx

At 4:10 pm, Blogger Anna Lucia said...

Now look at that. :-) I'm getting hugs and congratulations from both print and e-pub writing goddesses!

Thank you, everyone. I really appreciate your support!

Onwards and Upwards.

(Bear, I'm not sure - but I'll ask on a main blog post asap)

At 10:24 pm, Blogger Kate Allan said...

Congratulations! - on the offer and for making a brave decision. x

At 8:48 am, Anonymous Julie Cohen said...

I'm proud of you not only for receiving the offer, but for how you went about considering it, and for making the decision which is best for you.

You rule.


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