Thursday, July 20, 2006


There was a crack of thunder last night, and a rush of rain, and my brain came back online.

Thank God. I was beginning to think my synapses were permanently melted.

So while I am capable of rational thought (or as rational as I get. And, looking at my calendar, I see this is going to be a short-term situation. Ah, Eve. Next time you encounter something snake-like and beguiling offering a taste of its delectable fruit, make sure and tell it you spit, don't swallow) I wanted to ramble on about a couple of things.

1) I'm currently reading two books at once, as usual. In fact, when I'm not writing, I'm often reading three books. One is the DaVinci Code. Yes, I know. I'm so behind. I'm enjoying the pace and action, and finding everything else incredibly frustrating. Long-suffering Husband has now decreed that if I can't stop whining and exclaiming in outrage (this is writer outrage, not catholic outrage, you understand) I should stop reading it. But currently all my willpower is engaged with losing weight, and I want to see what else goes horribly wrong.

The other book is a bookcrossing book I picked up from Julie - I Capture The Castle. If The DvC is my bedroom book, then ICTC is my bathroom books. I'm spending so much time in there, I'm going to need to get padding for the loo seat.

I adore everything about this book!

I am wondering, though, why I left both these books behind when I packed to go away after work today. Perhaps because I like to leave everything behind and do different things when I go away? One to ponder.

2) I'm going through a tough 'desperate to be pregnant' stage. I find it comes and goes in phases, and I am getting much better about not suppressing it, and dealing wtih it matter-of-factly. I'm sitting here in a coffee shop - waiting for a meeting with a chef, actually - and there's this beautiful child sitting opposite. All strawberry blonde hair and frowning concentration. You know what I love most about children? Their logic. The way they think, the way they learn, the way they reason and argue. When I'm done here I shall go back to the car and cry for half a minute or so, and then I'll drive to Halford's and buy new wiper blades.

UPDATED POST MEETING. So, my meeting (a very nice man) turns up.... with his four-year-old granddaughter. She was fabulously naughty, and lovely to be with, a bright, testing, intelligent sprite of a child. And half a minute ain't gonna cut it.

Don't think, by the way, that I'm asking for sympathy. It just does me an awful lot of good discussing this like a grocery list, along with everything else that's going on.

3) The WIP is progressing well, but I find myself wondering if I was always this anxious about revisions. I remember rewriting McWife (which I should get used to calling Run Among Thorns) at a far more drastic level. I remember angsting about making it all link up properly. But RAT is a very action-led story, starting with a bang, and barely catching its breath. Whereas Danglies dwells in the ordinary world for a while, taking some time building tension and generating both a sense of foreboding and a sense of enchanted tranquility as a foil to the tragedy coming. It's so important to get the right ingredients into that front end, I worry I'm losing more than I should in the cutting...

OTOH, I've just got another chapter to go and they're in bed. Then their world falls apart, and they get running. After that, it's easy. *wink*


At 9:28 am, Blogger Jessica Raymond said...

Hugs, Anna -- hope you have a lovely break. (Good progress on the edits, BTW!) x

At 12:32 am, Blogger Jaye said...

((hugs)) Anna. Those tears are prayers yet to be answered. But will be. Good going on the writing!


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