Friday, March 02, 2007

Wardrobe - Sleeps Four

Last night I dreamed about my new wardrobe.

This isn't as wierd as it sounds. No, wait. It IS as wierd as it sounds, but there are mitigating circumstances.

Every year, for Valentine's Day, Husband and I do stuff for each other (get your minds out of the gutters, now). Practical, useful stuff. Last year he dug the garden for me. This year he converted our old airing cupboard into a wardrobe for me.

Now, for all you US readers, you need to be aware that UK-ers rarely have large closet space. Usually there's just a freestanding wardrobe, or a fitted bedroom suite with hanging space for clothes. My old wardrobe was... well, insufficient to my needs. My new one is, to me, ENORMOUS.

I wish we'd taken before pictures, but we didn't, so I'll have to describe it for you.

Imagine a large, tall cupboard, spacious enough to stand inside, if it wasn't for the fact that it's piled to the ceiling with boxes. There's my wedding dress box in there, and Husband's famed Scalectrix set. There's boxes of bar towels (don't ask), un-used pictures, old boots, unwanted blankets and stacks of old pillows.

Now, take all that... stuff out, and see the rough-cut shelving, with traces of cement and plaster from a past life, still on the splintered wood. See the gappy, dusty floorboards, with the big hole where the new pipework came through. See the crumbling horsehair plaster and the cracked ceiling.

Husband has plastered, filled, sanded, painted, floored, carpeted and fixed countless shelves and hooks and things.

And now...

Ain't it purdy?

It has all these lovely, clever shelves, too, right up to the ceiling.

And last night I dreamed about it.

In my dream, I was remarking to Husband that if we were desperate, we could always use it as a spare room. Because it had a double bed (on the left, headboard to the back wall) and a set of bunk beds in it. "It sleeps four," I said.

I love how my lovely large wardrobe became even more massive in my subconscious.

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At 9:25 am, Blogger Jessica Raymond said...

Mmm, lovely and spacious! :)

Jess x

At 9:39 am, Blogger liz fenwick said...

Love your subconcious. Also love the things you do for Valentines...shows real love!

At 10:17 am, Blogger Kate Walker said...

All it needs now is a blue paque saying 'Kate Walker slept near here'!

Hugs to Ian for a wonderful job - and I have those rose covered storage boxes too - now why doesn't that surprise me?


At 8:54 pm, Anonymous Julie Cohen said...

I have wardrobe envy...

At 5:18 pm, Blogger Danielle said...

Awww, what a sweetie you have. Nice work, love the blue.

At 12:40 pm, Blogger Grace Tyler said...

To me, this is the kind of thing that is true love. Service is a lovely gift.

Would love to have that cupboard myself! Practical and well-finished, good job.


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