Monday, February 26, 2007

To Do

Thanks to everyone who signed up for my newsletter mailing list! You are all officers and gentle(wo)men. A special thank you and welcome to any visitors from Coffeetime, who thought they might hang around. Make yourselves comfortable!

I feel a little bit like I've derailed all my momentum with my days of rest this week. Fun as they were, I feel a little bloated and sluggish, both mentally and physically.

So, time to get going again, I think.

1) Prep RUN AMONG THORNS for sending in - DONE
2) Final proof read of RUN AMONG THORNS - DONE
3) Edits to DANGEROUS LIES partial - DONE
4) Write Web Content - Okay, so I've done three pages out of seven. I'd like to get another two done this week as a minimum.
5) Read through and edit remainder of DANGEROUS LIES
6) Write up notes for WIP #6
7) Finish TAKEN
8) Do some more plotting of WIP #5
9) Think about a web launch
10) Plan a first edition of a newsletter

It felt fabulous to get RUN AMONG THORNS in, and then post off the partial of DANGEROUS LIES. I need to focus on the web site this week, I think.

Somehow the chat on Coffeetime Romance never got on to the list, when it should have - it was my first ever promotional event!

I have to say, it really felt momentous, the first time I posted an excerpt on a promotional forum, for a book that's actually going to be published. I snivelled. ;-)



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