Friday, February 11, 2005

Subtext, soup and the delete button.

Well, I wrote.

Or rather, I am choosing to class leaning on the delete button as a productive writing session.

I did also manage a bit of 'real' writing. It's going to be quite an interesting scene, where the H/h are completely failing to talk about recent catastrophic events, focussing instead on mundanities and inconsequentialities. I want the conversation they do have to be almost bland, while the words they aren't saying are screaming in the silence.

It's going to be hard to pull off, I think. If I get it right it will serve to heighten the tension AND inject a sense of the ordinary within the extraordinary.

If I get it wrong, the reader will be wondering why the hero thinks it's important to tell the heroine that he likes leek and potato soup.


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