Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Kate Walker tagged me, so I'll have a go....

current clothing: Huh. This would be the first question on a 'Durham Day' when I left my overnight bag at home? *sigh* So, it's yesterday's grey scoop neck top with self-colour embroidery, jeans, brown suede boots.
current hair: Long light brown. Kind of a looped up pony tail embellished with a purple silk flower.
current mood: Overworked and stressed, but still positive.
current refreshment: Well, we're not supposed to eat and drink in the computer rooms... ggg I have a bottle of water with me, and I've just finished a caremelised hazelnut, sesame and peanut bar.
current annoyance: Leaving my overnight bag at home.
current avoidance: Avoiding thinking about work, and the quest for pregnancy.
current smell: Dove shower creme
current thing you ought to be doing: Reading for this afternoon's lecture.
current thing or things on your wall: Well, I'm at Durham, so it's a 'No food or drink' poster. At home it's a huge variety of notes, post cards, and old calendars turned to Aug 05, which is when last year started to go drastically wrong for me.
current IM/person you're talking to: No-one. (Although it's usually Julie, but I really want to catch up with Dee soon *waving*)
current jewellery: White gold wedding ring. And that's it. Because I left my freaking overnight bag at freaking home, and I freaking forgot to put freaking earrings in.
current book: Reading – Mary Stewart's Thunder on the Right. Writing - The rewrites of the beginning of Dangerous Lies.
current worry: Um, they are legion.
current favorite celebrity: Probably Jason Statham.
current obsession: The Eagle Creek 'Koala' washbag in the multi-stripe colour. It's a long story. Obsessions are not always pretty...
current love: Minnie, for catching the mouse. (And Husband, of course)
current longing: to be pregnant, or at least, to stop caring about it so much.
current disappointment: I think I put on weight last month.
current lyric in your head: Anastasia, 'out of love' I think it's called.
current music: the hum of air conditioning (too cold) and computers.
current favorite book: Mine.
current favorite movie: The Incredibles.
current wish: Um, guess.
current undergarments: Brand new cheap white lace knickers and very old and barely able to cope black lace bra.
current desktop picture: At home it's a picture of Cleo and Chrissy curled up together looking cute.
current plans for tonight/weekend: Tonight - working late then driving home and giving Minnie extra attention. Weekend, the parents are visiting!

I'm not going to tag anyone else, but do it if you wanna!


At 2:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

current avoidance: Avoiding thinking about work.

Mine is doing work.
While I'm here.
At work.
It's not good, Anne Lucia. Not good at all. ;)


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