Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another Detour

I know, I know. This is supposed to be deadly sins. But I just noticed Julie tagged me, so I need to do that first.

And I want to.

Of course, her answer to these questions are full of references to literary giants, and mine may well reference the Adventures of Tintin and the Garfield books, but hey, I'm game.

And Herge is a literary giant, anyway.

1. One book that changed my life: One? ONE??? Lots of books change my life. I can't help feeling that's kind of the point. I'm going to finish typing this and then remember all the books I SHOULD have put here... hmm... We'll go with Georgette Heyer and Devil's Cub, which started my lifelong fascination with the flawed hero.

2. One book I have read more than once: All of the books I own. But probably "Madam Will You Talk" by the goddess-like Mary Stewart.

3. One book I would want on a desert island: The Morgaine Chronicles by C J Cherryh. There were several years after I first read these that I didn't actually own them. They were miserable years. Then Sela rescued me and found them in an import store. THANK YOU SELA. An almost inhuman heroine driven to do unspeakable things for a universal greater good, an outcast hero her slave and follower, and an impossible, broken and yet beautiful love.

4. One book that made me laugh: Do you know how rare it is for a book to actually make me laugh aloud? I think the obvious candidate is Beth's Lasso the Moon. Julie's books always make me laugh, too.

5. One book that made me cry: Oh please. If a book doesn't make me cry, I must have been dead when I read it. Let's go for I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.

6. One book I wish I’d written: The Temptation of Sean MacNeill by Virginia Kantra. Or anything by Mary Stewart. I tried Great Expectations on Julie's advice, but I can't get into Dickens.

7. One book I wish had never been written: Do you know, I can't think of one?

8. One book I am currently reading: Currently it's Rusalka by C J Cherryh. Fantasy take on a Russian folk tale and ghost story. Fabulous.

9. One book I have been meaning to read: The current Harry Potter. Is that The Half-Blood Prince? But I don't want to read the book before the movie - that way I love the movie, and then pick up so much more when I read.

EDIT - It's the Order of the Pheonix that I'm waiting to see and then read. I'm so up on popular culture, you know.


At 10:51 pm, Anonymous Julie Cohen said...

See, I knew your list would be interesting. I've read the Mary Stewart and the Dodie Smith and the Virginia Kantra and the Harry Potter, but not the others, which I would like to.

At 10:53 pm, Anonymous Julie Cohen said...

And I note the similar fascination with flawed heroes...

At 5:55 am, Blogger Anna Adams said...

I also love anything by Mary Stewart and my editor suggested I CAPTURE THE CASTLE, for which I'll always be extremely grateful. Isn't it amazing when you find such a rich book out there still unread?

I hate to contradict Julie, but I cannot stand GREAT EXPECTATIONS--and for years I thought that meant I didn't like Dickens. I just didn't like GE. Any other Dickens is amazing to me. (I started the "good" Dickens with David Copperfield, of which I've had to buy my second copy!)

Can't wait to hear about the other Deadlies. :-)


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