Tuesday, August 22, 2006


No, not the movie. Which, incidentally, still gives me occasional nightmares. It was the Sloth one that did it. Yeesh.

No, we're not talking severed heads and force-fed spaghetti. We're talking the Deadlies - Seven Deadly Sins. In no particular order:-


You see, I was inspired by a third part to write a series of posts about the Big Ones, so watch this space for more.

The third party crossed my path on Monday, when I took an unexpected detour down a road I haven't driven in ages. It was a complete fluke I took that road at that time, and

The third party's single-minded pursuit of its goal in the face of danger set an idea blooming in my head, so I will be rambling incoherently on the subject this week. I may even find something to say of relevance to writing.

You never know.

But who, I hear you cry, who was the third party? What mighty creature reached into your writer's soul and demanded you write about these strong, fundamental, human themes?

It was a small chicken.

Yes, that's right. My muse is Chicken Little.


At 2:47 pm, Blogger Pamela Tyner said...

LOL at "My muse is Chicken Little" Hey, as long as you've got a muse, that's all that's important!


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