Saturday, January 13, 2007


It's still windy, when I'd much rather have cold, clean, crisp frosts like these:

The wind's not such a bother, because Mum and Dad are visiting. We had a fun but tiring day pottering round shops, and now Husband's playing on the computer, Dad's dozing in the living room (or possibly reading What DVD magazine...) and Mum's snoring can be heard through the wall from the spare room...

She'll very likely kill me for that. She reads this blog. Mum - I am a dutiful and loving daughter, but the fact remains that you snore like a bandsaw. ;-)

It's Dad's famous Christmas Balti tonight. Heaven's Be Praised! I'm hoping he's laid off the chilli - if not, someone will say, "it's a bit hot," and Dad, puzzled, will remark, "but I hardly put any chilli in at all..." Close examination will reveal the chilli content to be near the "cleans out sinuses" level.

A neighbour of ours (who carries on an intense and unrequited platonic love-affair with our cats) gave me one piece of advice when she heard Dad was terminally ill. "Don't pass up any moment to spend time with him."

She's right, and I'm not.

It's too much fun being with Mum and Dad, anyway, especially now we've added dark humour to the mix. I'd never have believed we could cry with laughter over things like trying to determine exactly what type of chemistry set it tastes like Dad's eaten, when he takes his chemo tablets.

He reckons its the cheap and nasty one, for beginner kids.



At 3:55 pm, Blogger Sadhbh said...

Anna - I'm glad you're making the most of the time with your parents. My father died when I was five, my mother when I was thirty-five, luckily enough I have very fond memories of both. Pity that we don't tend to take into account that we're all terminally ill and have no idea how much time we have left to make the most of. (Probably one of the reasons why I spend my time reading and hugging the boys instead of doing housework - the housework will still be there for someone else to do when I'm dead and gone :-))
Have a fun Sunday



At 4:42 pm, Blogger Anna Lucia said...

Very, very good point, Sadhbh. We talked quite early on about the fact that we're all dying - Dad just has a good idea when. And that's something to treasure, too.

At 10:56 am, Anonymous carol said...

I have always believed that those of us allowed to know how limited our time is are particularly blessed. The rest of us muddle through not knowing and forgetting that we should alway treat each day as special. (Sorry that sounds a bit heavier than I meant)You get the drift! Much love to you all.


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