Thursday, March 22, 2007

You call this a supercomputer??!

Computer's kaput.

Computer is in the shop.

Computer is lucky I'm not kicking it repeatedly in the USB port.

Now be good until I get back, you hear?

In the meantime, muse on the slogan I saw emblazoned across a passing White Van.

"Who's Van is This!!!"

Bizarrely, it was actually the lack of a question mark that first gave me chills. The mangling of "Whose" took a little longer to filter through. The un-marked question begs the answer:-

I do'nt no and I do'nt caer?"

PS - my car is also kaput. Something playing silly buggers in the Electronic Engine Management System. Today is not a day for things electrical.

PPS - ever notice how when your computer breaks down, you suddenly have to fight the intense urge to buy a new one? Husband keeps mentioning our zero balance on the credit card, and how much I've always wanted a laptop and docking system at home. No. NO! *hits Husband on the nose with rolled up newspaper* Dang, I just remembered it's tax deductible.

PPPS - Mac users are not allowed to say, smugly, "my computer never breaks down." I know where you live, you know.

PPPPS - It was Husband's birthday yesterday, and it's mine in April, so we're treating ourselves this weekend and popping off to York and the Royal Armouries in Leeds. So even if the computer's a quick fixer, I won't be back online for a good while.



At 2:40 pm, Blogger Akelamalu said...

Blasted computers!

Enjoy your York - lovely place.

At 5:41 pm, Anonymous Julie Cohen said...

My computer never...

Oh, never mind.

At 3:50 pm, Blogger Nell Dixon said...

Have a lovely break.

At 4:46 pm, Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Have a great time, Anna. Tell Husband happy birthday belatedly. Hope the computer is up and running again when you get back.

At 12:52 pm, Blogger Emma Wayne Porter said...

Well? *tapping foot*

Oh, and pinch das husband for me. One to grow on, you know.

At 3:38 pm, Blogger Anna Lucia said...

I am still here.

My computer is still in the shop.



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