Sunday, July 03, 2005

Time is Relative...

[written Saturday]

Have you ever noticed how the weekend seems enormous when you're trying to get there, and then way, waaaay too short when you're in it?

On Thursday, the weekend seemed this vast, blissful, all-encompassing space. On Friday I knew I'd have Two Whole Days to get things done in, and snatch some R&R.

It is now 3pm. I am writing this in a rather nice lunch restaurant, having realised that the blurring of my eyes and inability to choose between Thai Green Curry and Thai Red Curry in Sainsbury's was probably a blood sugar issue. Whoops.

So I am pausing to refuel and reflect.

Mostly I'm reflecting on the fact that it's 3pm on Saturday, and I've hardly got anything done yet. I'm getting a little anxious.

I shall probably feel better when I get the hanging baskets planted up. They're at least a month overdue, and the plants I bought for them - deep maroon pelargonium 'Tomcat'; white bacopa; white surfinas, veined with mauve - are staging a triffid-attack on my living room windowsill. I can't stand cruelty to plants...

I have, at least, done the shopping. For this, I earn brownie points. If I can the hanging baskets done and do Writing Related Tasks 1 and 2, then I can write all day tomorrow and stop worrying.

But how did the weekend get so short?

[Update. Hanging baskets became the Task From Hell. I had to be rescued by Husband with tea and whisky macs. Still anxious.]


At 9:18 am, Blogger Julie said...

Tell me about it. Time feels very, very short to me right now. Remember that a lot of what you "need" to do doesn't, in the grand scheme of things, need doing at all. You just want to do it, and quite rightly so, but it can be left undone, or done by someone else.

Says Julie, off to wash the car because she's taking it to the mechanic...ggg

At 9:22 am, Blogger Biddy said...

Ahhh the bleedin' time issue. :-)
Listen to Julie!! She is saying what I would say.

I must now have a shower and waste the rest of the day even though I have to shop, do finances, write and do work... ARGHHHHH!!!!

At 10:15 am, Anonymous Kate Hardy said...

Ditto. But my way of dealing with it was to make a to-do list, work out what the priorities were... oh, then take the whole day off to watch Live8 and chill out with a beer or two. U2, Keith Urban, Snow Patrol, Pink Floyd... Bliss. And now I'm perfectly set up to work today...

At 9:24 pm, Blogger Melissa Marsh said...

I actually had a four-day weekend thanks to the 4th of July and my company's awesome penchant for giving us the day off following a holiday...but here it is Monday already and I'm wondering...where did the weekend go? Granted, I did start my new historical, but I'm thinking what I wrote isn't going to work and I have to scrap it all, which gives me an acute bout of nausea.
But then again, when I was at home with my daughter and had all the time in the world, you couldn't drag me to the keyboard unless you had massive amounts of chocolate. Sigh...there is never a happy medium, is there? :-)


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