Monday, May 07, 2007

The Long-Awaited Second Canal Holiday Post

I have no excuses. I don't even KNOW why it's taken me so long to post again.

On the plus side, we now have the benefit of my brother's (that's Commodore "SuDoKu" Lucia to you) photos, too.

Anyway. Shall I re-commence?

One of the wonderful things about a canal holiday, is how close you are to England's and (Wales'!) gentle wildlife. As we embarked, the sunlit waters lapping softly at the reed-grown margins, images of Wind in the Willows, Beatrix Potter and The Animals of Farthing Wood ran, soothing, through your mind.

Reviewing the week, with wildlife in mind, I am truly impressed by the sheer variety of wildlife that alternately pooped on us, used us to help kill things, attacked us or demanded food with menaces.

In fact, on the subject of squirrel poop, I have some sage advice for would-be narrowboaters - Don't Moor in Woodland.

Yes, the views at dusk are gorgeous. But after dark, big things rustle in the bushes, and pooping squirrels use your boat for target practice. Ask Lock Master 1 "Beer Me" Scamans. He got pooped on, too.

You have been warned.

Our first significant encounter was with one of the Ubiquitous Herons, but it was only late in the holiday that we realised some of them were watching our bow wave to see if it disturbed fish... and then stabbing down with that vicious dagger-beak. We felt so used. ;-)

Then there was the swan. Mention an angry swan to anyone, and they're usually compelled to tell you that a blow from a swan's wing can break your arm. I don't know if this is true, but it is true to say that this one tried to bite Galley Slave "Flora Britannica" Lucia's backside...

But then he was defending his mate's nesting site. Alpha male, anyone? Aggression included, this one negotiated a soft corner of my heart.

But The Lord High Mandarin, well... he just was just stunning.

Then so was the scenery.

Even if getting to it was sometimes hard work...

I could say more, but suffice it to say, good fun was had by all. I'd love to do it again someday.

Bye for now...

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At 9:21 pm, Blogger Biddy said...

Fab looking photos!! Glad we got to see more of them :-)

At 9:23 pm, Anonymous Emma Wayne Porter said...

Don't moor in Woodland. Check.

*still laughing*

Gorgeous pictures. Glad you're back, Commodore Sudoko. I've swabbed those decks a time or two myself.

At 5:29 am, Anonymous Julie Cohen said...


At 1:06 pm, Blogger Beth Ciotta said...

Hi Anna! Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures and the entertaining commentary. :-) Great way to start my morning!

At 3:15 pm, Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Thanks for sharing your holiday, Anna. I'm soooo glad you got to do it and that it was such a memorable time!


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