Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Last Post

I swear, I promise, I give you my word that this is my absolute last post about the strange run of bad luck we've been experiencing lately. From tomorrow, if it kills me, I'm going to post about the good stuff, and remember I have HUGE PILES of stuff to be very, very grateful for.

But until then, let me just say that today I have attracted:-

* £250 worth of unavoidable financial fees
* A £100 bill for car repairs. Not my car. Not really my fault.
* A referral for minor surgery
* A referral to a specialist for something else**

And looking forward to tomorrow, and to balance the account, I also acquired:-

* A helping hand at work that I wasn't asking for, but desperately needed
* Co-operation and support from Husband when I wasn't certain I'd get it
* A curry
* Two compliments
* Two incidences of un-looked for kindness and thoughtfulness
* A beautiful sky
* A heron flapping overhead, prehistoric-looking and ponderous
* Quality hugs
* The delight of two cats at home time.

I can live with that.

Of course, I wouldn't turn down even more good stuff... ;-)

** And yes, I'm really, honestly fine. Tedious stuff which will be easily resolved.


At 10:06 pm, Anonymous Danica said...

Anna, sending lots of hugs and even more good thoughts your way.

At 11:34 am, Blogger Tess said...

Anna - whew - you must have LOTS of good stuff coming your way after this bad run.

I liked your list of the good things too :-)

At 3:27 pm, Blogger Dee said...

You got a CURRY! Oh, maaaan! You know, if you weren't out 350 pounds (Good googly moogly, do our karmic bankers think we have the same account?) I'd be pretty jealous, lol!

You'll always get unrequested affection from me, doll.

Hmm, that looks different than how I meant it. LOL!


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