Monday, October 10, 2005


Eeek! I haven't blogged in over a week! I'm so sorry!

I'm okay, just a little snowed under and doing the sensible thing - that is, NOT adding internet time to a list of stressors.

Michelle and I had the workshop we'd been planning all year on Saturday and it went really well. Thanks to our wonderful speakers and helpers!

I'll be back soon.


At 5:22 pm, Blogger Dee said...

So...when you come back, it'll be to tell us what happened with the workshop, yes? :)


At 1:19 pm, Blogger Beth Ciotta said...

Hey, Anna. Whatcha up to? :)

At 5:34 pm, Anonymous Olga said...

Hi, Anna Lucia! Glad your workshop went well! Any advice to share with us?


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