Tuesday, November 08, 2005

From Awesome to Boresome

I think I'll do the short version of this one:-

Driving through the Sainsbury's car park in Durham at around 7pm the Renault's rear right shock absorber snapped. I and the car had to be recovered back home, and got back at 11pm, having last eaten at noon.

I had a room booked in Durham, and today I should have been in the University Library by seven, and have a lecture this afternoon. So, scratch one MA day and gain one work day. *rolling eyes* How the world turns....

On the plus side a) I didn't have to drive home in the torrential rain and gale force winds and b) the tow truck driver was a marshall at Crofts motorsport circuit, so we got to talk British Touring Car Championship etc.

So it's not all bad.


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