Monday, January 22, 2007


Durham is lovely, you know.

I mean, really lovely.

The weather was kind: a little snow on the drive over and back, a little rain while we ate delicious Italian food in the conservatory next to the 15th century bridge. In the darkness, the black river turned into watered silk as the raindrops struck it. It whispered on the glass overhead, and rustles the stately beeches on the steep riverbanks.

The next morning the sun shone. Brightly, strongly, adamantly, hurting the eyes. We walked along the river, passed by ducks and by University rowers, watched by jays and little bobbing yellow wagtails.

We talked, we rested, we relaxed.

I plotted a book.


One last thing to say, to the couple in room 16. Whilst we appreciated your sense of rhythm, and were frankly in awe of your stamina, if you are going to engage in an intimate activity on a squeaky bed that involves the headboard repeatedly striking the wall, could you have chosen a more appropriate time than 4.30am? We were going to give you a round of applause at the, er, audible climax of your activity, but, on discussion, thought that it might have spoilt your afterglow.


At 9:57 am, Blogger Sadhbh said...

Anna - could you not have given them a run for their money (given that you were awake anyway?) LOL

At 6:41 pm, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

Sounds like a lovely day.

I mean, except the noisy neighbours. Miss Elephant in the flat above me doesn't make much noise any longer, not since I told her that if she was faking an orgasm she should watch Harry and Sally to get it right. :)

At 8:16 am, Blogger Julie Cohen said...

Glad you and the neighbours had such a good time!

At 1:51 pm, Blogger Edie said...

ROFL The banging headboard is a nice touch. I may use it in a sex scene some day.

Great pics! Last year I had a calendar of Ireland in my kitchen. This year it's Scotland. Some day I'll see it all for myself. I hope it's soon.

At 8:49 am, Blogger Anna Lucia said...

That's worrying, Sadhbh - I can honestly say that didn't even occur to us! LOL!

It was lovely, Gabriele - a welcome break. ROFL @ Miss Elephant!

Thanks Julie :-)

Glad I've been inspiration, Edie! ;-) Send me your addy, and I'll post you an English Lake District Calendar if you like.

At 4:14 pm, Blogger Anne McAllister said...

Ah, Anna, I wondered where the couple who lived above us in Married Student Housing had gone and taken their headboard. Now I know!

Glad you had a good weekend away!


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