Friday, April 20, 2007

Be seein' ya!

So I survived the fast-diesel loaner. My own car, however, is still languising in pieces in a garage... poor dear is still cutting out and they can't figure it out.

So, once again, we're going on holiday on our old, decrepit, only-bought-it-to-do-short-journeys-in Micra. Happily most of our holiday will be spent on a boat.

Doing less than 4mph.

This is a pace I can go with.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today's Learning

Today's Learning is this: I should never own a fast car.

Don't worry, I haven't had an accident, or even a near miss. Honest.

Only the garage leant me this courtesy car for the day, while they fix my Megane. It's not as if it's a Subaru or anything - it's only a Renault Clio. But after years of driving a diesel, and a few weeks of driving a 998cc Micra, I was... enjoying myself.

Enjoying myself rather a lot. Enjoying myself for 40 miles, from one town centre to another, including two sets of traffic lights, five roudabouts and two sets of roadworks, and only a few miles of dual carriageway. In the 30mph speed limit zones, I was doing about 28mph.

Enjoying myself for 40 miles..... in 40 minutes.

Holy Moly.

I really need to know what's under that bonnet, because that thing MOVES.

But I should never own a car that makes me go, when making a decision on an overtaking manoeuvre, "ah, what the hell."

Mind you, it did it safely every time, with yards to spare, but still. I should never own a car like this.




Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I adjusted to life without blogging when my computer was defunct, and now I'm struggling to get back into the routine... please excuse some fairly random and irregular musings....

So, smoothies. I am moved to broadcast a request for your favourite smoothie recipes after experimenting with a pear, strawberry and raspberry smoothie, with yoghurt and apple juice.

Interesting. I was slightly put off by the curdling, and by the texture, but I'm sure it was powerful good.

Husband swears the best instant hangover remedy he's ever encountered is my orange, grapefruit and strawberry smoothie. With or without yoghurt and honey.

My favourite bought smoothies are from the blessed people at Innocent. I love anything they put ginger in, and once in a while a beetroot smoothie pops up and I buy a bunch, coo at them, stroke them, and drink them a lot. Mmmmmmmm. Worship the fruit.....

But nine times out of ten, I make my own at home. Do you? What's your favourite recipe for that morning smoothie???


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Looking Ahead...

I think I misled people. In my rushed confusion I implied we were going on holiday this coming week... it's actually the week after! Must arrange cat sitter...

Thanks for the good holiday wishes! I'm very excited. :-D

I also have a completely blank blog-brain, so excuse me that. I'll leave you with this view of the canals in autumn...


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm BACK!!!

The computer's back and appears to be holding... but I'm still likely to be scarce for a while, I think. I have 2.76 GB of files to sort through and either restore to my newly wiped hard drive, archive, or delete.

Oh joy.

And I'm about to attempt to fit about a month's worth of day job into one week. And then we're *bliss* on holiday.

So, since I have my eyes firmly on the priorities of life, let me show you where we're going on holiday with Brother, Mother and Father....

We're taking a narrowboat down the Llangollen Canal.

A week of pootling down the waterways in springtime, with life's pace reduced to something less than 4 miles per hour.

That'll do.


Thursday, April 05, 2007


This house is about to have a baby in it for the very first time....

Julie is battling the M6 as we speak, bringing herself and her fecklet for a long weekend. On Saturday, I will have TWO big Harlequin M&B talents in my house, when Michelle and her daughter visit, too!


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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm still standing....

... better than I ever did.

But my computer's still not fixed. In fact, they can't find the problem yet. I wonder if, in my regular communications with the IT shop, I'm injecting enough of the earth-shattering panic and soul-searing withdrawal I'm experiencing?

The computer in my car is still not fixed, either. So when we've had that done (after Christmas) and finished paying for it (sometime in the new millennium) we're going to trade in that car and get something else. Note to prospective Renault Megane buyers: the engine has been the most incredibly reliable engine we've ever owned. The brakes, suspension, dashboard array and, most notably, the windscreen wiper motor, have been... crap. You have been warned.

Anyway. I just wanted to let you know I'm still around, but computer-less. In all honesty, I'm quite enjoying the break. But I MISS YOU ALL!!

(And Husband's keyboard is lagg-y and has coffee stains on it... *whimper*)

Some of Husband's key sayings this morning:-

"If you're looking at me, I'm going to poke you in the face, and I don't know where because my eyes are closed."

"I would never forget Imperial Purple knickers."

"Oh sod you and your telephonic vision."

ME: "Purr for me Pillow Pippi? Awww, Pillow Pippi is Sulky...."
Husband: "Pippi is being sulky because you're baby talking at her."
ME: "Your Highness, I would deem it a signal honour if you owuld deign to purr for me."
Husband: "And now you're patronising her."